Attention Photography Hobbyists,
Professionals, and Experts

Finally Get The Professionally Designed Photography Website To Showcase your Photos, Build Your Fanbase, and Get Your Name Out To The World… Without Learning How To Code, Hiring An Expensive Web Designer, Or Driving Yourself Mad with a DIY Platform.

You can have your personal brand new, stunningly designed photography website up and LIVE in just days if you hurry… Read on for more details

Dear Photography Lover,

Hi, I’m Josh Dunlop and I’m professional photographer from Brighton England. I’ve been marketing my photos online for several years now. I started my most recent site, back in April 2013, and since then, I’ve been able to get over 2 million visitors to the site and build a following of fans all over the world on facebook, twitter, and pinterest.

As a self taught photographer, I had to teach myself everything from scratch from taking pictures to promoting my work.

One of the most frustrating things I had to learn was how to set up my own website.

I tried various different web designers. I tried the do it yourself platforms. I tried buying themes and trying to “figure it myself”. But for the longest time, I couldn’t get the look that I wanted.

Eventually I found a great designer through a close friend, but that was after I had shelled out quite a chunk of change and time.

My experience got me thinking. There had to be a better way for new up-and-coming photographers to get their own personal website up quickly, without going through all the hassle.

But no matter where I looked I couldn’t find a great solution to this problem. So I decided to create my own.

Get A Beautifully Designed Website Minus The Headache

If you’re a photographer who wants to spend more time taking photos and less time trying to set your website up, then you’ll absolutely love this.

Since I already spent months of time, money, and energy trying different things and looking for a great design team, I thought it be awesome if my readers and students could also benefit from my work and experience.

So I’ve decided that the best way to help out is to give you exclusive access to my personal design team for your own site.

Listen my design team has been helping me with all the tech related parts of my photography sites, so they know better than anyone what it takes to make a photography website successful. And I’m opening up their talent and expertise to you, so you can get your very own professional website up quick.

So here’s the deal I was able to set up with my team and is available exclusively for my readers and students.

The Ultimate Done For You Photo Website Package

My team will build you a professional photography website for you at a fraction of a fraction of what you would normally pay for the same quality site.

Whether you shoot landscapes, people, weddings, or anything for that matter, my team will give you everything you need to get your work online, get your name out, and more:

You’ll be able to:

  • Showcase your work on all devices, including full screen, slideshows, lightbox and more
  • Grow your fanbase and client list using today’s top social networking sites like Twitter, Flickr, Instagram, Pinterest, etc
  • Build your online portfolio and share it with your friends and family
  • Expose Your Photography to More People Through a Professional Dynamic Blog
  • Use Simple Custom Made Forms and Call To Action Buttons That Help You Generate New Business
  • And More…

What’s Included:

Your Ultimate Done For Your Photography Website will come with the following:

Wide Selection of Premium Themes To Choose From:

We went through thousands of the best premium themes on the market and hand picked (and purchased) over half a dozen WordPress themes that fit the ideal platform for your photography blog. We’ll building your site off this “framework” and custom branding it to make it uniquely you. Note: Many of the top designers use this “Themespiration” process to save development costs and time, and then pass the savings onto you.

Manage Your Own Content and Galleries!

Your new site will be fully equipped with WordPress, the world’s best content management system. You’ll be able to manage your own page content, add new blog posts, and easily add photos and galleries yourself, without any coding or tech skills!

Our package of recommended WordPress plugins to maximize your site

Your Ultimate Done For You Photo Website will come equipped with series of standard and premium plugins that will give your website an added layer of functionality, aesthetics, and performance.

  • WordPress SEO setup for you
  • A comment spam prevention plugin (Akismet)
  • A photo gallery plugin setup for you
  • Social sharing icons for your blog
  • A special Pin It button for your photos
  • Customizable Contact Form (installing Gravity Forms for you – $37 premium plugin!)

Up to 5 pages setup for you (Home, Blog, About, Portfolio, Contact, etc)

My team will personally design the 5 standard pages of your website. Each page will be designed according to best direct response marketing practices*. Don’t worry, you can always add more pages!

Complete Site Setup

You’ll get to select from a lists of 10 different design styles and even add your own options and request. The team will help you install and get the site running smoothly. This includes customizing the color scheme, setting up the tagline, adding your logo, getting your initial photo galleries in place, and more. (Note: you pick the initial color scheme which we setup for you, then you can change things from there if you please!)

Social Media Links and Streams to your profiles

We’ll integrate your site with any social media profiles you have; a crucial step for developing your fanbase and following.

  • Instagram stream
  • Pinterest Latest Pins
  • Facebook Fan Page Stream
  • Twitter stream
  • Flickr Stream

Contact Buttons and Inquiry Forms

My design team is extremely well versed in direct response marketing. This means that your site will have a “Call To Action” if you want to sell your photography services (optional) or prints of your work, allowing you to make money from your new website right away!

Bonus: Complete Tutorial Library

Along with your website, you’ll also get complete tutorials to empower you to use and update your own site without being a techie! Plus: I’ve also included some nifty tips about blogging and online marketing to help you promote your work more effectively.

  • Simple tutorials allow to manage your own website easily – all without learning how to code or hiring expensive web designer (who often charge thousands for similar work!)
  • Get blogging tips and tutorials to help get more traffic to your art work

So how much is it?

If you were to hire any web designer worth their salt, you’ll easily be paying $1500 – $3000 for a basic site. If you wanted the do it yourself platforms, they usually charge ongoing monthly fees that quickly add up to hundreds of dollars, not to mention countless hours of frustration and research.

So at first, my team suggested that we should price it at $997.

I still thought it was a bit high, especially for someone who is just starting out online. So I think you’ll be happy find that you can get the entire website package for only $697.

***Update: Since this is the first time I’m offering this, I always want to do something extra special for the early movers. So for a limited time, I’m actually going to drop the price down to only $397.

This special discount offer will only be available for a limited time (a few weeks at top) and then will go back up to the original $697.

Listen, if you’re really serious about photography, then you’ll need your personal website. And frankly speaking, there is no better, faster, or more affordable way to get started. When you’re just starting out, the only thing you should be focusing on is taking better photos, not the tech stuff behind building your website. Let my team handle that for you so you can focus on your photography.

Let’s get you started today.